Veterans know what it means to serve. We all stepped up, raised our right hands, took an oath and made the commitment. For those of us in the VFW, that commitment sent us in harm's way to a war in a faraway land. Our membership in the VFW is proof that we're proud of that service, that we enjoy the sense of satisfaction that comes from serving.
The VFW offers us opportunities to continue serving our nation and our communities, our fellow veterans and those still on active duty. There are six broad categories listed below. If you don't see a service and know of something or someone who needs the help of a few good men and women, please let us know...

Youth Services

Post 7728 fulfills its commitment to serve the youth in its community by chartering Boy Scout and Girl Scout units. As a chartering organization, Post members work closely with these units to help their youth programs thrive. Members who volunteer to support this vital program help the Post to fulfill its obligations to our youth.

Scout of the year

Some of the VFW's earliest ties to the community involve youth groups and perhaps none are stronger or more lasting than the relationship between the VFW and America's scouting organizations. In fact, VFW's partnership with the Boy Scouts of America dates back to 1915 when VFW Post 2100 helped to establish Troop 1 in Everett, Washington. Post 7728 has a Scout of the year program.

Flag Services

Veterans lead all in demonstrating respect for the flag by rendering its due honors, even when others hesitate, as well as caring for and displaying it properly. Please remember these simple rules:

  • The American flag may be flown at any time on any day, day or night.
  • If flown at night, it should be illuminated (a nearby streetlight or porch light doesn't count)
  • Only the American flag may be flown from a standard or pole surmounted with an eagle
  • When displayed with other flags on the same standard or pole, the American flag must be highest
  • When displayed with other flags on separate standards or poles, the American flag is centered and highest, or farthest to the right (facing the audience) and as high as any other flag
  • Dirty and tattered flags should be disposed of properly.

Please retire old and worn flags with dignity...

Never dispose of them in the trash.
Scouting units chartered by the VFW hold an annual celebration to retire old flags. A Flag Collection Bin is available at True Value, CK Home & Hardware (Bealeton Village Center) where you may take your old flags for retirement.
See the US Flag Code for more information about displaying and retiring American flags.

Military Funeral Honors

VFW Post 7728 can and has assisted in local Military Funerals. The post can contact the Military Honor Guard at Fort Pickett, Blackstone, Virginia. For information on how to secure these services, please call the post at (540) 439-1312.
Please be prepared with the following information:

  • which post services you would like to request
  • your name and contact information
  • location, date, and time of ceremony
Please note that for final honors of departed Veterans, a DD214 is required. If you need assistance obtaining this documentation, please let us know.

Flag Posting

Every year just before Memorial Day members of Post 7728 place flags at the graves of veterans at seven local cemeteries.

Community Events / Parades

Post 7728 maintains the use of several historic military vehicles which may be used for static display or participate in parades. Contact the post for details.